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3rd National University Essay Contest

The Tanzania Oil & Gas Congress and Ocean Business Partners are proud to support the educational sector of Tanzania by inviting leading universities with engineering programmes to participate and share opinions with governments and operators.

The need for Tanzanian professionals in the areas of engineering, geology, oil and gas exploration and development is becoming very important for the sustainable development of Tanzania’s economy, and therefore more universities are being urged to open related academic programmes.

Congratulations to 2019 winner; Mr. Lugeyhuma Muhumuliza, from Ardhi University.


Rules for the University Student's Essay Contest

  1. Each participant should choose one of the themes below:
    • How can the public and private sector partner to build capacity, transfer knowledge and develop a skilled workforce? Which examples can be used?
    • How to strike a balance between exploring hydrocarbons and ensuring a cleaner future for all Tanzanians?
    • What role will the gas & LNG projects play in Tanzania’s economic diversification and industrialisation
  2. The essay should have no more than 1500 words
  3. The essay should include:
    • Introduction: Indication of the main topics for the essay
    • Development of concepts: Argument development and bibliography
    • Conclusion: final ideas and essay wrap up
  4. The essays should be sent, together with proof of university enrollment, to
  5. The essays which comply with the contest rules will be evaluated by the jury committee:
    • dmg events
    • Ocean Business Partners
  6. The winner and two runner ups of the contest will be announced through the Tanzania Oil & Gas Congress webpage
  7. Award: The author of the winning essay will have the opportunity to be participating at the Tanzania Oil & Gas Congress and will also receive a tablet

Requirements for Participation

  • The participation at the contest is only allowed for university students enrolled in a Tanzanian University
  • The essay should be elaborated individually and the only way to participate in the contest is with an essay that complies with the contest rules
  • The contest does not apply to students enrolled in the first year of university
  • The essays should be presented in a Word Doc, Arial Font, size 12 with double space. The sheet upper, inferior, left and right margins should not exceed 2.5cm
  • The winner will be chosen by the merit and quality of the essay through a jury committee from dmg events and Ocean Business Partners
  • If the winner cannot attend the Summit, we will invite the second runner up to attend on his behalf, and so on
  • The prize cannot be changed or given in money or kind
  • Employees from dmg events, Ocean Business Partners, and their families will not be able to participate in the contest

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